Natural Environment

The natural resource management function of councils provides many opportunities to achieve greater sustainability.

Encouraging best land management practice on farms, evaluating environmental assets on private land prior to sale, working in regional partnerships to undertake rural planning—these are just some of the topics that you can find in the Natural Environment category

Land Management Rebate Brochure

By Mitchell Shire Council | 11/08/2008

Council's Land Management Rebate is granted to ratepayers occupying properties greater than four hectares, where those ratepayers are effectively contributing to the wellbeing of the land and water resources. The program also allows for landholder to nominate to receive information on native vegetation, weeds, landcare or other environmental issues - this results in Council sending out over 500 individualised information packs to landholders. This document is a brochure for the community, explaining the program.

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Nillumbik Shire Council Biodiversity Strategy

By Municipal Association of Victoria | 10/08/2016

The Biodiversity Strategy provides the strategic direction for biodiversity management across Nillumbik to inform programs, standards and targets for the Shire. It also seeks to develop further a coordinated approach to ensure that ecosystems are ...

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Nillumbik Shire Council Invasive Species Action Plan 2015

By Municipal Association of Victoria | 10/08/2016

The introduction and spread of invasive plants, animals and pathogens is one of the greatest threats to biodiversity, primary production and amenity in Nillumbik (Biodiversity Strategy 2012). Invasive species compete with indigenous plants, animal ...

Tags: weeds; pests; invasive species

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Green Infrastructure and its Tri-Benefits: Health, Environment and Economic - City of Melbourne

By Municipal Association of Victoria | 23/06/2016

More and more research is showing that increasing the amount of GI (predominantly in the form of green spaces), particularly in urban communities, has a positive effect on physical, mental and social health. The companion documents t this document ...

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Biodiversity Monitoring in Melbourne's East

By Boroondara City Council | 02/11/2015

Biodiversity Monitoring in Melbourne's East was funded by the Victorian Government as part of their funding for climate change adaptation. The project was led by the City of Boroondara on behalf of the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (EAGA ...

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Building resilience in farming - annual report - Wimmera Development Association

By Municipal Association of Victoria | 23/03/2015

Wimmera Development Association were appointed to deliver the VASP Project “Building Resilience in Farming.” The regional project was developed and auspiced by West Wimmera Shire Council and provided a link between existing agricultural networks, ...

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